LEI’S General Assembly

Indone­sian Eco­la­bel­ing Insti­tute as a con­stituent based non profit orga­ni­za­tion pos­sesses orga­ni­za­tional instru­ments and each of the instru­ment holds dif­fer­ent author­ity and respon­si­bil­ity. One of the instru­ments is the Con­gress (Gen­eral Assembly).


      The Con­gress / Gen­eral Assem­bly is the organization’s high­est author­ity hold­ing the author­ity to:


  • Stip­u­lates and amends Statutes
  • Elects and stip­u­lates MPA members
  • Receives or rejects MPA accounts for par­tic­u­lar terms of office
  • Sets guide­lines for 4 year work plan
  • Autho­rize stip­u­la­tion of admis­sion and ter­mi­na­tion of organization’s mem­ber stip­u­lated by the MPA
  • Stip­u­late cer­ti­fi­ca­tions sys­tem and amendments


      In orga­niz­ing the con­gress / gen­eral assem­bly, sev­eral instru­ments are required. Instru­ments in LEI Con­gress are as follow:


  • Con­gress Codes
  • Con­gress Agenda
  • Con­gress Leader
  • Ple­nary Meeting
  • Com­mi­sion­ary Meeting
  • Sub Com­mi­sion­ary meet­ing (when necessary)


      LEI Con­gress / Gen­eral Assem­bly as the organization’s high­est author­ity is held based on the fol­low­ing guidelines:


  1. The Con­gress is par­tic­i­pated by Reg­u­lar Mem­bers, Extra­or­di­nary Mem­bers and Observers.
  2. The Con­gress is con­sid­ered legit­i­mate if more than 50% (fifty per­cents) of mem­bers from the respec­tive con­stituent groups present.
  3. The Con­gress takes place once in 4 year period; an extra­or­di­nary Con­gress can be orga­nized if deemed necessary.
  4. If deemed nec­es­sary, the MPA and mem­ber groups of cer­tain areas may orga­nize Pre Con­gress meet­ings to stip­u­late con­gress agenda design and Con­gress tech­ni­cal details.
  5. The Con­gress is orga­nized by the Con­gress Orga­niz­ing Com­mit­tee formed by the Gov­ern­ing Body with an approval from MPA.
  6. Con­gress is led by a Meet­ing Chairman
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LEI’s Certified Forests

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2.388.775,35 Ha Plan­ta­tion Forests
36.917,080 Ha Com­mu­nity Forests
5 Chain of Cus­tody

Total 2.425.020,43 Ha

(2017, Jan­u­ary)