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  • Ecolabel Certificate to Boost Furniture’s Marketability

    Wood certification is now one of the main requirements for furniture export. Community forest in Wonogiri, Central Java and Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta is now capable of producing one of the certified raw materials. Communities residing in the areas

  • Misman: Pioneer of first sustainable forests

    Misman might look like your ordinary villager, but the 59-year-old community figure is responsible for transforming his barren Central Java village of Selopuro into Indonesia’s first certifiable sustainable forest. Before the 1980s, Selopuro villa

  • Join Release: MoU between FSC and LEI

    FSC and LEI announce collaboration to advance responsible forest management in Indonesia BONN, Germany (31 May 2010) - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia (LEI) have announced the launch of an 18-month collabor

  • Certification, A Challenge for Forest Sustainability

    Tuesday, Mei 04, 2010 (SoloPos): The people living in southern part of Java, from Gunungkidul in Yogyakarta, to Batuwarno in Wonogiri and Pacitan in East Java are very lucky for they have been successful in transforming an arid, barren and rocky area

  • Sources of Water and Livelihood Emerge

    Monday, Mei 03, 2010 (SoloPos): Water spurts up to more than 10 meters high when the water pump lever of the drilled-well is turned open, creating raindrops like in the surrounding area. Those gathering around the well run away to avoid the waterdro

  • Reforestation Raises Living Standards in Central Java

    Slamet Susanto, The Jakarta Post, Yogyakarta | Fri, 05/14/2010 9:56 AM | The Archipelago:  Reforestation efforts are benefiting local residents in Selopuro, Wonogiri, Central Java, as they are not only keeping forests green, they are raising living

  • From Rocky Area to Greenery

    It surely is not an easy task to transform the dry arid land that stretches out from Gunungkidul, Wonogiri to Pacitan in southern part of Java into profitable forests. SOLOPOS journalist, Suharsih, writes on her two day journey (Wednesday-Thursday, 2

  • Satu Harapan Won the 2010 StoS Film Festival.

    On January 22-24, 2009, an environmental documentary film festival “South to South Fil Festival 2010” was held in Goethe Institute, Jakarta. The event was hosted by several NGOs namely JATAM, WALHI, Climate Justice, KIARA, Gekko Studio, Ecosist

  • LEI Develops Marine Certification

    LEI’s Marine Certification Development Work Team was established by LEI executive Director on October 4. The work team was established as one of the results produced in the 2009 LEI National Meeting (Rakernas). The 5 LEI team members immediately co

  • England — Government Initiative on Buying Sustainable Timber

    Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has announced that from 1 April 2010 new social criteria will be added to the UK Government's timber procurement policy, to add to the existing requirement that all Government bought timber is legal and sustainable.


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Total 2.425.020,43 Ha

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